Choosing the Right Grey Hair Color According to Your Skin Tone

Right Grey Hair Color

Who says greys signify the culmination of your natural hair color? In fact, grey hair has always been a cool hair color trend followed by many celebrities in the fashion industry. The gorgeous color is once again trending among big-wigs and we are sure it won’t disappoint you too. From platinum and white to glossy silver and ash grey, there are plenty of shades and undertones to choose from. Read this guide to discover the right shade of grey according to your skin tone.

The Best Grey Hair Color for Your Hair 

Want to embrace those 50 shades of grey for your hair and take your hair color game up a notch? Here are a few grey hair color recommendations for you:

1. Silver Hair Color

If metallic is your thing, color your hair in a classy silver shade. This gorgeous hue looks incredible on a neutral skin tone. If you have a cooler skin tone, you can add a shimmer to your silver tresses. Warm skin tones can add a bit of peachy hue to the color to make it standout.

2. Platinum Grey Hair Color

Platinum grey is another option to settle for if you want to enter the grey hair color territory. Platinum blonde hair is ideal for women who want a perfect blonde shade for dark skin tone. Well, platinum is a perfect choice for light as well as medium-dark skin tone.

3. Platinum Silver Hair Color

If you have been scrolling through grey hair colors for your skin tone chart, you are sure to come across platinum silver hair color. Just like platinum grey, platinum silver looks incredible on warm skin tones. This icy hue perfectly balances those orange, olive, or yellow undertones and refines your complexion. If you have long hair, you can incorporate this shade in the form of highlights.

4. Silver White Hair Color

Silver white hair color looks chic on those with a hint of pink or beige in their skin. Complement this cool shade with a layered hairstyle to make it look classy. 

5. Ash Grey Hair Color

Have your eyes set on the best hair color for skin tone chart? Search for something like ash grey as it is bound to look stunning on your black or espresso brown tresses. Ash grey hair color looks magical when paired with voluminous curls. 

6. Light Ash Blonde

This warmer version of greys and whites is a perfect pick for those who crave blondes. Pay attention to your skin tone and undertone and ask your hair colorist to adjust the intensity of the blonde hue accordingly. 

7. Dark Grey Hair Color

If you don’t like light grey hair colors, settle for a deep and rich shade of grey for a statement look. Add this gorgeous hue to your entire head or add a few dark grey hair strands for an eye-catching look. 

Picking Grey Highlights for Your Hair

Just want striking highlights of grey instead of the head full of grey hair strands? No need to search for black hair with silver highlights pictures on the web. Simply scroll down and pick an amazing grey shade for those amazing highlights. 

1. Smoky Grey Highlights on Black Hair

If you have dark hair color, settle for black hair with grey highlights. Smokey grey highlights on wavy tresses are a great way to let those highlights shine.

2. Ash Grey Highlights on Brown Hair

Want to make your brunette tresses look standout? Opt for ash grey ends and roots. You can also pick a darker hue for the roots for a glam look. For light brown hair, think of getting silver highlights. For a subtle look, settle for white highlights.

3.  Grey Highlights on Red Hair

If you have red-colored hair strands, settle for highlights that are a mix of blonde, brown, and ash silver. This blend of hues will add some dimension to your red hair and make them look captivating. 

Other Tips to Follow:

  • Understand your natural hue before coloring your hair grey to get a beautiful hair color.
  • If you have black or brown hair, opt for grey blending for dark hair. In such a case, go for a shade lighter than your natural color.
  • If you are coloring your grey hair, combine a neutral dye with a red shade before topping it on grey tresses. 
  • Avoid too much of gold or red undertones in grey-colored hair strands. 

Grey is a striking color and can make your hair look beautiful even if you don’t have natural greys yet. Opt for this high-fashion shade and let it do all the talking!

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