8 Simple Ways to Get Oil Stains Out of Silk

Ways to Get Oil Stains

If you are someone who does laundry, you know how tricky is to get those oil stains off your clothes. Especially if it’s delicate fabric like silk, the whole process becomes a lot more frustrating. So, if you ask us, “how to get vegetable oil out of clothes”, we have some easy ways to deal with it. We know oil stains on silk are difficult enough to cause panic. Fortunately, there are ways that will remove those dastardly stains from your favorite silk blouse, saree, or shirt and save it from getting ruined. Read on to know how to get oil spot out of clothes made from silk. 

The Baby Power Method

If you have a greasy stain on silk, just grab some baby powder and sprinkle it on the stain. Let the powder sit for an hour or so. Then dust off the powder and you will see that the stain is gone. Although this baby powder trick is an easy way to absorb the grease, it can fail to work in case of dried oil stains. Now if you are wondering – “how to get dried oil stains out of clothes?” Scroll down as there are tons of secret stain-removal tricks coming your way!

Use Liquid Dish Detergent

If the oil stain on silk has dried up, use this liquid dish detergent method to take that stain out. First, dampen the stained area with water before covering the stain with liquid dish detergent. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub the stain gently. Rinse the area with normal water. You can also use silk-safe detergent to carry out this process safely and efficiently. 


The Cornstarch Method

Wondering how to get oil stain out of shirt made from silk? If the above two methods fail to remove those nasty oil stains from silk, use the cornstarch method. This thickening agent used in several recipes works as an absorbent and can pull up those greasy stains without any ado. To use this method, lay the stained fabric on a flat surface. Sprinkle a generous amount of cornstarch on the stain and let it stay like this for 12-48 hours. Then dust off the cornstarch using a gentle brush. 

The Talcum Method

The talcum powder method works as effectively as the cornstarch method. Talcum powders are handy so you can use them as a substitute for starch. Now if you are thinking “how to get oil out of shirt”, follow the same instructions you did for the cornstarch method. 

Use Crushed Chalk 

You can also use chalk instead of talcum powder or cornstarch. If you have crushed up chalk lying around your home, feel free to use it to remove those oil stains from your silk clothes. Move the crushed chalk over the stain or simply move the chalk stick over it. Leave the chalk powder for up to 10-12 hours before dusting it off.

Use Baking Soda 

If you want to use something from the pantry, make use of baking soda. A thick layer of this absorbent powder works well on delicate fabrics such as silk. Lay the silk item on a surface that’s completely flat. Cover the stain with a subtle amount of baking soda. Leave the powder for several hours before brushing it off.  If any stain remains, repeat the process.

Count on Silk Stain Remover

If you have loads of silk fashion ensembles, whether they are blouses, sarees, or scarves, it’s a wise idea to invest in a silk stain remover. These stain removers are designed specifically for silk fabrics. Just follow the instructions given on the label of the silk stain remover. But first, make sure to read the care & handling instructions mentioned on the tag of your fabric. If the tag says such removers are safe for the fabric, use it without giving a second thought.

Dry Cleaning

The most common and safest method to eradicate all kinds of stains from silk is dry cleaning. If all the above methods fail, simply send the stained fabric for dry cleaning. Tell your local dry cleaner about the stain and show exactly where it is located. You can also tell them about the nature of the stain so that they can use the correct method of stain removal on that delicate fabric. 

Use any of these above methods to remove oil stains off the silk. Stay tuned with us for more helpful blogs like these!

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