How to Choose Black Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

While some women fancy jet-black hair, others love to experiment with different colors. Many divas also love to play up with their natural black hair by relying on creative options such as black hair with green underneath, brown highlights, and so on. But before you settle for these options, you need to comprehend your skin tone. So, should you go for jet-black or opt for brown-black shade? To understand which black hair color will rightly complement your skin tone, we recommend reading this article. 

Things to Consider While Picking Black Hair Color 

If you decide to go for black hair or black hair with color underneath, you need to understand that dark pigments from your black hair will vanish over time and your hair will turn red. After that, red hair color will turn to orange so make sure you have the skin tone that can look flattering with this shade. 

If you want to add highlights, you can consider black hair with red underneath or something like a beautiful red-violet shade. As time passes, these highlights will change to warm brown or red caramel which is great to add certain bling to your look. 

Choosing Black Hair Color According to Skin Tone

Although black hair looks great on almost every skin tone, you need to be extra mindful while picking the specific black shade for your hair. Here are some suggestions for matching that perfect black to your natural skin color.

Light Skin Tone: Dark Brown 

If you have a light skin tone, go for dark brown hair. Now if you are wondering about dark brown hair vs. black hair, let’s tell you that artificial black hair will lend a matte look while the shade of dark brown will look natural on you. So, the choice is yours! Just make sure not to go too dark while settling for dark brown color. 

Brown Skin Tone: Brown Black

Want to get highlights for black hair and brown skin? Consider brown-black or dark chocolate brown as it will look flattering on your complexion. Even if you don’t have long hair, those colored hair strands will give your skin the attention it craves. 

Light Brown Skin Tone: Dark Chocolate Brown

Beauties with light brown skin tones can look for a dark chocolate brown shade as it is really close to black. Don’t go a shade darker than that as overly dark hues will make your complexion look dull. 

Dark Brown Skin Tone: Blue Black

Have a penchant for blue-black hues? Those with a dark brown skin tone can count on this gorgeous shade. The shimmer of this color will perfectly complement your dark brown complexion. The best part- blue-black is not a high-maintenance shade so you can embrace it for several days without stressing about recoloring your strands.

Pale Skin Tone: Jet Black

Don’t consider yourself unlucky if you have a pale skin tone as you have the flexibility to rock any black hair color. You can settle for jet black to make your features pop. If you want to get highlights, go for dark chocolate. 

Medium Skin Tone: Reflective Auburn Black

To make your skin tone standout, settle for something like a reflective auburn black shade. Alternatively, add a pop of color to your hairstyle with dark brown highlights. Just remember not to choose reddish black or jet black. 

Olive Skin Tone: Almost Black

Olive skin beauties should count on a contrasting shade that can make their natural complexion stand out. How about picking an almost black shade? It will rightly accentuate your features while acting as a great pair for your warm skin tone.

Dark Skin Tone: Super Dark Black 

Just because you have a dark skin tone doesn’t mean you can’t pull off black hair color. In fact, a super darker shade of black will look mesmerizing on you. Just avoid one with blue-black hues and also do not settle for browns.

Black Skin Tone: Violet Black

If you own the darkest skin tone, you can amp up your features by opting for violet black hair color. This vibrant shade will add the desired sheen to your look without overdoing anything. Remember not to get a color with green, navy, or jet-black hues as they will clash with your gorgeous complexion. 

We hope you have got a gist of how to pick the right black hair color for your skin tone. Stay tuned to our blog for more interesting beauty-related stuff!

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