8 Hardest Bodyweight Exercises to Do at Home

Bodyweight Exercises

If you are not a gym freak, you know how difficult it is to strengthen your body at home. Doing an at-home workout without any equipment is not as simple as it seems. Well, there are tons of exercises you can incorporate in your hard bodyweight workout to provide the desired resistance for your muscles. Here are a few of the hardest bodyweight exercises that are as efficient as equipment workout. 

1. The Planche Push-Up

This push-up is one exercise that only requires body weight. The Planche push-up not just strengths the chest muscles but also tightens your core. One of the most advanced bodyweight exercises, this pushup required a substantial amount of core, leg, and upper body strength.

How to Perform 

  1. Do this exercise by lying on the ground with your hands on the floor positioned underneath your hips. Make sure your hands are in line with the stomach. 
  2. Now begin doing the standard pushup while lifting your legs off the ground. Bend the elbows as you do this exercise while staying elevated. 
  3. Then extend the elbows to complete one repetition. 

2. Superman Push-Up

If you are looking for the hardest calisthenics exercises, superman push-up is great to start with. This variation of push-up targets a variety of muscles, including chest muscles, back muscles, abs, and obliques. 

How to Perform 

  1. Position your body in a standard push-up position.  
  2. While keeping your core engaged, push up off the floor such that your body comes up off the floor. Make sure only your feet and hands touch the ground at this point.
  3. Come down to the original position to finish one repetition. 

3. Pistol Squats

Wondering about the hardest bodyweight leg exercises that can take your leg strength several notches up? This type of squat exercise differs from the standard one due to the fact that it is performed using one leg. 

How to Perform 

  1. Start by standing on the ground with your feet together. 
  2. Extend one of your legs in front of you by lifting it off the floor.
  3. Also, extend both of your arms in front to balance this position.
  4. Now bend your standing leg while keeping your back straight. Make sure the raised leg should be parallel to the ground while you lower yourself.
  5. Straighten the bent leg to finish one repetition. 

4. Single-Leg Box Jumps

Another great exercise that works on your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. This single-leg calisthenics and plyometrics exercise requires simple equipment i.e. a box. 

How to Perform 

  1. Place the box of apt height about 5-6 inches in front of your feet.
  2. Start by bending your hip and knee into a quarter squat position.
  3. Raise the knees slightly and land on the box with one foot.
  4. Now land back on the ground with both feet to complete one rep.

5. One Arm One Leg Push-Up

Want to become a push-up pro? First, you need to try certain easy variations including one arm one leg push-up.

How to Perform 

  1. Start by lying on the ground with one hand behind your back and the one near the ribs.
  2. Place your feet wider than the shoulder width.
  3. Straighten your left arm while keeping your left leg elevated. You will push off the right leg at this point.
  4. Bend the left arm and return to the starting position to finish the exercise.
  5. Repeat with another leg.

6. L-Sit

This exercise is not only for arm strength but also for your core muscles. L-sit is as effective as planks when it comes to bringing out core stability. 

How to Perform 

  1. Start by sitting on the floor with your legs extended out in front of you. Your palms should be straight and rest by your sides.
  2. Now lift yourself off the floor using your palms. Your legs should lift as well.
  3. Hold this position for a few seconds before lowering your body.

8. One-Armed Chin-Up

The one-arm chin-up is one of the hardest bodyweight exercises one can do to strengthen arm muscles. Plus, the exercise acts as an abs workout as well. 

How to Perform 

  1. Begin by holding an elongated bar with one hand.
  2. Now pull up and bring your arm as close to your chin as possible.
  3. Start with the rings instead of the bar to make it easier. 

If you want to challenge your body, give these bodyweight exercises a try. We recommend starting the exercises with the help of a trainer do them in the right and efficient manner. 

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