Easy & Effective Styling Tips to Hide Back Fat

Tips to Hide Back Fat

If you love dressing to the nines, you will always want to make sure you accentuate your curves and not those chubby spots. Even if you aren’t chubby, you want your back to look as slim and sleek as possible. Unfortunately, certain outfits lead to that unwanted bulge in the back eventually making back fat worse. On the bright side, there are ways to reduce the appearance of that unflattering budge and look slimmer. If you are wondering how to hide back fat, here are some smart and clever dressing tips you can follow:

Select the Right Size

Going to a shopping mall and slipping into a small size is every woman’s fantasy. But fitting into that smaller size doesn’t mean you will look slim in that size. The fact is that wearing a size that’s too small will cause unflattering bulges, especially at the back. So, always buy the size that rightly fits you. Alternatively, look out for stretchy fabric that will help you look slim and more refined.

Wear a Shapewear

If you have the perfect body shape but are a little chubby on the back, consider wearing shapewear for back fatWearing a body shaper underneath your choicest outfits will accentuate your curves perfectly. If you are wondering how to wear a bodysuit with a big bellysimply pair the ensemble with high-waisted skirt or palazzo pants to look slimmer. 

Pick a Fitted Bra

Always wear a well-fitted bra if you want to look svelte. Wearing a bra that is small for your breasts or chest region will also cause those unwanted lumps in the back area. Look for full-coverage bras for a smooth look. You can also adjust the bra’s shoulder straps in such a way that they don’t dig into your flesh. 

Choose Outfits with a ‘V’ Back

Want a slimming back? Look for dresses and shirts rendered with a V-shaped back. This elongates the back region and lends a streamlined look. The best part- blouses with deep necks look flattering on almost every body type. You can pair such tops with skinny jeans and heels to look modish. 

Pick Pants with Stretchy Waistbands

Settle for soft or stretchy waistbands as they look flattering on all body shapes. If you are wondering how to wear a crop top if you’re chubby, opt for the right-sized pants. The pant size should be such that you can put your two fingers in its waistband while wearing it. The best is to opt for high-waist pants to pair up with those stylish crop tops. 

Avoid All Things Strapless 

Avoid all those strapless fashion ensembles, including bras, dresses, and tops. Reason – they create bulges that lead to the appearance of back fat. If you want to wear off-shoulder outfits, make sure they have an in-built bra for better support. 

Opt for Layering in Cold Weather 

Think of adding layers in cold weather. To cover back stylishly while keeping it warm, wear a cardigan, shrug, or jacket over your shirt or top. If you are wearing a jacket, make sure its shoulder seams sit right on the top of your shoulders. If the shoulder seams don’t hit the top edge of the shoulders, the jacket may not be a good fit. 

Go for Textured Fabrics

Textured fabrics are a great way to add interest to your overall look while creating a streamlined look. Opt for fabrics such as ruffles, pleats, and the like to hide those bulges. You can also search for woven patterns or something like brocade. Look for textured swimsuits to give the illusion of a slimmer back. Make sure to avoid broad strips and go for narrow or angled stripes instead. 

Pick Outfits with Lining 

Tops and dresses with lining serve as a solid foundation and reduce the appearance of back fat. Such garments hug your skin and lay smoothly on the body. Pick blazers and jackets with silk lining. If you are shopping for a summer dress, make sure it is lined with spandex on the inside. If you aren’t comfortable with lining, you can wear shapewear beneath your clothing. 

Other Tips to Follow

  • Wear fitted but not tight button-down shirts to hide back fat.
  • Opt for racerbacks, U-shaped bras, and bras with wide wings.
  • Cut back on calories by opting for a weight loss program to lose back fat.

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